FTxBocconi Talent Challenge

Bocconi University, in partnership with the Financial Times, launched an exciting initiative aimed at finding new, future focused and innovative ideas. They found 100 talented, proactive and curious university students & early career professionals to take part in the FTxBocconi Talent Challenge, a global competition on digital transformation held at FT headquarters in London on February 1-3 2020.

How did it work?

As a participant, they competed in a team to solve real business and strategic challenges in the areas of fashion, fintech, artificial intelligence and digital and social marketing. They benefited from the distinguished support and mentoring of rising stars, alumni and academics from Bocconi. Each team pitched their ideas in front of professionals, members of the Bocconi University Board, FT Board and Senior Management Group.

Why did they take part?


• Got access to exclusive masterclasses on the impact of emerging digital technologies on business mindsets and strategies, delivered by experts from the FT and Bocconi University.

• Gained an understanding of how innovation works within management, finance, marketing and entrepreneurial frameworks.

• Enjoyed a chance to network with each other, Bocconi professors and alumni to get a real sense of what it takes to work in the business world today.

Participants registered through the Bocconi Admission Portal and applied to the FTxBocconi Challenge. Applications closed on the 21st of November 2019, 9pm BST.


Gianmario Verona

Jon Slade

Virginia Stagni

Michael Spence

Vittorio Colao

Stefano Pogutz

Stefano Caselli

Paola Cillo

Antonella Carù

Massimo Magni

Francesco Daveri

Kayode Josiah

Luca Trevisan

Luca Mignini

Massimo Della Ragione

Markus Venzin