FTxBocconi Talent Challenge

The second edition of a global competition on reshaping the business world leveraging on human capital, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, taking virtually place live from the FT headquarters and Bocconi University from the 6th until the 13th of February 2021.

The 150 participants will compete in teams to solve real business and strategic challenges in different business fields.

They will work with rising stars alumni and academics from Bocconi University who will support and mentor them throughout the event to help understand how innovation works within Policy, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing frameworks.

The Challengers will have access to masterclasses and talks on the impact of digitalization and emerging digital technologies on the business mindset and strategy, delivered by panels of experts from Financial Times and Bocconi University.

Each team has the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of an audience of professionals, members of the Bocconi University Board, academia, alumni, as well as FT journalists and board members.

All participants will have the chance to network with each other and with Bocconi professors and alumni, and will get a real sense of what it takes to work in the business world today.


Mario Monti

Virginia Stagni

Gianmario Verona

Jon Slade

Cristina Scocchia

Andrea Ordanini

Simona Maellare

Diego Piacentini

Stefano Caselli

Cassandra R. Chambers

Francesco Daveri

Elena Lavezzi

Antonella Carù

Markus Venzin

Stefano Pogutz

Kayode Josiah


Hear from the challengers